Welcome to the website of study association Hygieia!
Study association Hygieia focusses on supporting students in developing knowledge and skills in the field of One Health: the interdisciplinary collaboration to create better health for humans, animals and the environment.

For all professionals working in one health it is important that they can find each other and can share knowledge and skills to collaborate in solving problems. Within our association we want to give students the possibility to meet other students with an interest in One Health, and create possibilities to get in touch with professionals who already work in the field.

Mission and strategy
Study association Hygieia wants to contribute to creating awareness for possibilities of working in interdisciplinary collaborations and make it possible for all students to join these collaborations. Hygieia sees students as the professionals of the future and organizes and facilitates social and educational meetings around the One Health theme. These meetings can take place in the form of lectures, workshops, excursions or symposia. Beside this, Hygieia publishes articles on the themes public health, food safety, animal welfare, law and environment, which are published in our magazine twice a year.

Study association Hygieia was founded in 2005 by three students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Students of the faculties Medicine, Pharmacology, Biology, Biomedical sciences and Environmental sciences were involved in enriching the association with ideas and collaborations. Until today the association is located in the building of Veterinary Medicine in Utrecht.

The association is represented by a board consisting of six students. Every year the entire board changes and six new students will commit themselves to the association. The new board is assigned during the general meeting in October. The board is supported by a number of committees: the activity committee, the animal welfare committee, the environment committee, the editorial committee, the spring-symposium committee, the zoobiquity committee, the public health committee and the waffle committee. If you are interested in one of these committees, you are invited to join one or more during our general meeting in April and October.

If you have any questions or ideas for study association Hygieia we invite you to contact us! You can do this by sending an email to or by visiting our room in the Androclus building. You can find us in the hallway next to lecture hall C1.02 on the first floor. This room is always open and you are free to use it. We try to be present as much as possible and there is always someone present from the board between 12:45 – 13:15. 

Are you interested in our study association? You can become a member by printing our membership form and filling it in. You can return the filled out form by sending it to, hand in the form in person to one of the board members, or you can hand it to the doorman of the Androclus building while mentioning our association. You can also send it to:

Studyassociation Hygieia
Yalelaan 1
3584CL Utrecht